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My name is Durandal Brytting, and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I have issues! Defnitely social phobia and probably some other fun mental disorders as well. I have been drawing comics since before I could use a UNIX system. (Although strangely enough I never get better at drawing even with all these years of practice... Nor at UNIX!) My current drawing "style", if I have one, I developed when I was 12, instead of doing the assignments we were supposed to do in art class. From the beginning my comics had no storyline and very little dialogue, in fact it was all about anonymous humans brutally killing each other in creative ways. Then around 15, my comics became a little more serious, and now they are some sort of mix between serious plots and wanton violence. "Sippans Serie" is Swedish for "Sippan's Comic". Sippan has been my nickname for as long as I can remember. (Or at least since I was 12. But that's almost as far back as I can remember anything.) I ran a hand-drawn comic in Swedish on my website for a while, but my server back then went down a lot and I wanted to spread my words to a bigger audience. That is why you are able to read this now. Oh by the way, this description has nothing to do with the comic.

Also, check out the Frequently Asked Questions for some....frequently asked questions.
Version: 3.12
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M++ V? PS(++) PE-(--) !Y PGP(+) t 5? X++ R(+) tv+(++) b+++(++) DI+ D----
G e(-) h*(!) r--- !z Nh++>+++

One day when I have a lot of fans and they start sending me lots of e-mail asking what other online comics I recommend, I'll be happy that I made this list while I was still unknown:
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