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Sippans Serie FAQ

Q: Why do stickmen only have knees when their legs are bent?
A: Actually, they don't have knees at all. Their legs are a lot like steel wire. In theory, they could twist their legs into spirals and all sorts of weird shapes, the only reason they don't do this is that it's so hard to straighten them out afterwards. Therefore, they only bend their legs when they have to.
Q: Is it true that you still sleep hugging your teddybear?
A: Yes.
Q: That is totally lame. Aren't you, like, 20 years old?
A: Wasn't that a rhethorial question?
Q: Yes.
A: I'l do the answering here.
Q: OK. Are you gay?
A: No, I'm pansexual. Although it might interest you to know that amazingly enough, even heterosexuals can write about gay people. *rolls eyes*
Q: So you're bi.
A: Arghh!! Why doesn't anyone understand me?
Q: What's your favorite [whatever]?
A: Check out the list.
Q: The thing I was asking about wasn't on the list.
A: Then mail me and I will add it.
Q: Why does your comic update on the wrong days? Why not start with Monday?
A: Because every single webcomic that updates on every other day, updates M, W, F. So people who read these comics (like myself) have to read 100 comics every other day and be comic-starved in the middle. Someone, I thought, should make a comic that updates in the gaps. So I did. Actually, that's the entire purpose of this comic. It is not to amuse. It is not self-therapy. It is not because it's fun. It is not because I want beautiful girls in baggy pants jumping around in my vicinity, hugging me and say "oh, we love you Sippan, your webcomic is the best ever! All I want is to wake up next to you in the mornings and snuggle, just because you run this webcomic that is so cute and awesome and..." and... and... Uh... Where was I again?
Q: I heard that "sippan" was a Swedish word for female genitalia. Is this true?
A: No, if anything "sippan" means "anemone". The word for female genitalia you're thinking of is "snippa".
Q: Is it true that you eat human flesh?
A: I'm a flexitarian. In theory, I have no problem with eating human flesh, moral-wise. But I don't do it because a) there has been a distinct lack of opportunities to eat human in my life and b) I'm opposed to murder and one does not eat meat from animals that have died naturally.
Q: What's with the press quotes? Did people actually say those things?
A: Some of it is more or less true.
Q: I'm a crazy stalker and would like to know, what has Sippan done outside of Sippans Serie that I can gawk at?
A: No links provided, but Google is your friend: Sippan has made music and stories and all sorts of things no longer available on the internet, from time to time keeps a diary in Swedish on MacNytt (that site now gone, sorry. -2007), and has made very insignificant illustrations for that David guy with his Infinity-something-or-other, and Värmdö kommuns grundskolas matsedel våterminen 2005. Ain't that just too cool.
Q: Have people really asked you these things or are you just making it up?
A: No comment.