Sippan's favorites of _everything_!

Welcome to the most comprehensive Favorites list on the entire www!

(If you can think of anything not already on this list, hurry up and tell me!!)

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Favorite 1/0 character: Petitus
Favorite "60 Minutes" dude: Steve Kroft

Favorite ABBA song: Chiquitita (runner-up: Dum Dum Diddle)
Favorite abstract concept: freedom
Favorite accent (English): Russian (see also dialect)
Favorite acronym: INTERCAL [Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym]
Favorite actor: Kjell Bergqvist (Runner-ups: George Clooney, Johnny Depp)
Favorite actress (American): Jodie Foster
Favorite actress (Swedish): Lena Olin
Favorite adventure game: The Dig
Favorite AI (benevolent): Ozymandias, from Marathon, the books.
Favorite AI (sinister): Durandal, from Marathon, the games.
Favorite alcoholic beverage: Absinthe (runner-up: tequila... or (during christmastime) glögg)
Favorite alien: Thomas Di Leva
Favorite alphabet: Hebrew
Favorite animal: armadillo (see also favorite pet)
Favorite animal (nonexistent): rod
Favorite anime: Chobits (BY FAR! SEE IT!!)
Favorite anime character: Chii
Favorite "apocalypse theory": grey goo
Favorite Apple employee: Jef Raskin (rest in peace) (Runner-up: Steve Wozniak)
Favorite aptronym: Dr. Doolittle. (runner-up: Dr. Bill)
Favorite artist:
Favorite author (English language): Douglas Adams
Favorite author (Swedish language): Astrid Lindgren (runner-ups: Jonas Gardell, Karin Boye)
Favorite autobiography: En Komikers Uppväxt, plus sequel. (not strictly autobiographical, I guess, but.)
Favorite base (numerical): 16
Favorite base (baseball): you should know me better than that
Favorite beard style: long, huge and wild blackish gray hippie beard that goes together with meter-long hippie hair
Favorite berry: smultronberry (that's not the real word, seems there is no English word for the "fragaria vesca" - at least not any word I like.)
Favorite Biblical name: Talitha
Favorite bird: owl (runner-up: bullfinch)
Favorite board game: go
Favorite book: House of Leaves (runner-up: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
Favorite book in the Narnia series: The Magician's Nephew (runner-up: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader)
Favorite boy name: Tycho (naturally) or maybe Seamus
Favorite body part: breast (in a non-sexual way if that makes you sleep better; runner-up: hand)
Favorite breakfast: hot chocolate, cheese sandwich.
Favorite Bungie founder: Alexander Seropian (runner-up: Jason Jones. Seriously!)
Favorite Bungie game: Marathon 2: Durandal
Favorite bushism: "Fool me once, shame on... shame on you... fool me... you can't get fooled again."

Favorite cake: chocolate cake with chocolate filling, chocolate icing and chocolate mousse, and chocolate chips and chocolate (runner-up: prinsesstårta - but go easy on the cream there, I prefer the vanilla goo)
Favorite candy: chocolate
Favorite car: De Lorean DMC-12 (I know it's not a very original favorite, but come on - who can deny its coolness? Also, runner-up: any van, preferrably painted in rainbows and flowers)
Favorite carbonated beverage: Caledonian Clear! (if anyone by any chance knows if this still exists and where I can find it in Sweden, then for God's sake mail me!!!)
Favorite cartoon: Futurama (runners-up: South Park, The Simpsons)
Favorite cartoonist (American): Jim Meddick
Favorite cartoonist (Swedish): Tie: Joakim Pirinen, Max Andersson & Lars Sjunnesson (They are actually my favorite cartoonists overall, not just from Sweden)
Favorite cereal: Kellogg's Special K Red Berries (but I remove the disgusting raspberries)
Favorite character of Greek mythology: Merope (runner-up: Tethys)
Favorite cheese: mozzarella
Favorite chemical element: the ones that haven't been discovered yet
Favorite chocolate: Milchcremegefüllte Vollmilchschokoladeeier, where can I find them?!?!? I demand more, why did out store stop selling them!?
Favorite chocolate from Marabou: although you should boycot Marabou, my favorite is the digestive chocolate thing
Favorite christmas candy: grandma's fudge (runner-up: etniska kyssar)
Favorite christmas cookie: berlinerbröd
Favorite classic console game: Super Mario Bros (runner-up: Solstice)
Favorite clothes, female: baggy pants and baggy top (runner-up: black, wide skirt that reaches the ground (and it must have elaborate decorations, too) and very long sleeved (slightly longer sleeves than arms, you know) black somekindashirt)
Favorite clothes, male: plain black pants, short-sleeved dark shirt (there's really no point for men to care about what they wear: it's like trying to paint traditionally Swedish falu red walls and white corners on a concrete office building)
Favorite color: red
Favorite comedy: Being John Malkovich
Favorite comic strip: Monty (the comic formerly known as Robotman)
Favorite company: Bungie
Favorite compliment: "Even ugliness looks beautiful next to you." (Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers)
Favorite composer: Ludwig van Beethoven (runner-up: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Favorite computer brand: Macintosh
Favorite computer game: NetHack
Favorite consonant cluster (English): CL
Favorite consonant cluster (Swedish): KR
Favorite conworld: Tryslmaistan
Favorite cookie brand: Oreo
Favorite country (inside Europe): Sweden (Sorry, but nothing beats our season variety =)
Favorite country (outside Europe): Japan
Favorite Cthulhu mythos character: Cthulhu
Favorite Cyborg 009 episode title: "Det människoätande Sagolandet"

Favorite David Rovics album: Songs for Mahmud
Favorite day of the week: Saturday (runner-up: Friday)
Favorite day of the year: Bungie Day
Favorite decade: the 1960's
Favorite dessert: ice cream (for now)
Favorite dialect (English): Scottish (see also accent)
Favorite dialect (Swedish): götebôrrska
Favorite diesel sweeties:
crazy & jerks (runner-up: we go together)
Favorite direction: southwest
Favorite director (American): Darren Aronofsky
Favorite director (Swedish): Lukas Moodysson
Favorite dish: most stuff with dough, like pies and things, but maybe kroppkakor is number one.
Favorite disney movie not counting the music: Aladdin
Favorite disney movie only counting the music: The Little Mermaid
Favorite Donald Duck cartoonist: Don Rosa
Favorite dream: one in which I was shot by a guy I used to know, and my (at the time entirely fictional) girlfriend sat beside me in the ambulance.
Favorite drink: milk
Favorite drug: tie: LSD, PCBH (ha ha ha)
Favorite DVD: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 25th anniversary double disc release (Those are some kick ass interactive menus and bonus material. And do not confuse "Favorite DVD" with "Favorite movie", what is being favoritized here is the actual DVD presentation of a movie, not the movie itself.)
Favorite element: aether
Favorite emotion: love
Favorite epic poem: Kalevala
Favorite equation: Euler's identity (anyone who says anything else is insane)
Favorite European adventure comic album aimed at a young audience (you know, like Tintin): Spirou: La vallee des bannis
Favorite expression (English): "Well, if _________ is wrong, then I don't wanna be right!!"
Favorite expression (German): "Den Keim des Todes in sich tragen", something something
Favorite expression (Swedish): "Jag skrattar hela vägen till banken"

Favorite far side cartoon: "Don't feed the cartoon bears"
Favorite fast food: noodles-in-a-cup (runner-up: microwave-heatable spring rolls)
Favorite favorite: "Favorite favorite". (runner-up: "Favorite STD".)
Favorite finger: can't decide between index finger and thumb
Favorite flower: mirabilis
Favorite font: Chicago 12 (runner-up: Courier 11)
Favorite food: See "favorite dish".
Favorite frontpage headline: "VEM lämnade KATT-UNGARNA att DÖ I LÅDAN?" (Seen on the local magazine somewhere near a very small town by the nam of Åh)
Favorite fruit: pear
Favorite Futurama character: professor Farnsworth

Favorite gender if you choose to perpetuate the obsolete notion of gender binarity: female
Favorite George Bush modernization of "One Nation Under God": Oderint Dum Metuant (runner-up: One Nation Above All Others)
Favorite girl name: Maria

Favorite hair color: dark purple
Favorite Halo game: the first
Favorite Halo novel: the first
Favorite Halo 2 character: Audrey (more commonly known as [The] Gravemind)
Favorite hentai heroine: Pfil
Favorite hiragana: yo
Favorite Holocaust depiction: Maus
Favorite humour (no, not a british variation of "humor"): black bile

Favorite ice cream flavor: "Italian chocolate" (I still have no idea what makes it "Italian", but that's what the box says...)
Favorite icon size: 48x48 (scaled down from 128x128, of course)
Favorite inappropriate joke: the Anna Lindh / "Just Do It" picture. =[
Favorite insect: I think I hate ladybugs the least. And bumblebees, they are so incredibly cute! ^.^
Favorite instrument: well-placed silence
Favorite insult: "[The 80's/Army of Lovers/the snails/Hitler/whatever] called, they want their [hairdos/clothes/pace/opinions/whatever] back."
Favorite internal organ: brain (runner-up: uterus)
Favorite irc channel:
#macnytt (feel free to visit and annoy the Swedish speakers)
Favorite istheshit: weirdo is the shit!
Favorite J-drama: Great Teacher Onizuka
Favorite job: writer (runner-up: teacher?!)

Favorite key (for locks): old, big ones
Favorite key (keyboard): space
Favorite key (musical): D minor
Favorite key (on a piano): E flat
Favorite keyboard layout: Dvorak, but only in theory
Favorite king: Stephen ^.~
Favorite knock knock joke: interrupting cow

Favorite language: late 19th century/early 20th century Swedish
Favorite letter in the Cyrillic alphabet: φ (ef)
Favorite letter in the Greek alphabet: Δ δ (delta)
Favorite letter in the Hebrew alphabet: ℵ (alef)
Favorite letter in the Roman alphabet: R
Favorite letter in the Runic alphabet: H, N
Favorite LEXX episode: Tie: Lafftrak (OMG ROFL), Brigadoom (I *love* musicals. Runner-up: Love Grows - the quotes, oh my god the quotes!! ("Oink!!") And you can't go wrong with an incestuous redneck cannibal showing up from aboslutely nowhere and shouting "HAWWW!!" - especially not if the episode ends there.)
Favorite LEXX "episode" (from season 1): Eating Pattern
Favorite LEXX season: 2
Favorite liquor: absinthe (see "alcoholic beverage")
Favorite love song (happy): Meat Loaf - I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) (I feel embarrassed, but it's actually for nostalgic reasons.)
Favorite love song (sad): Michael Learns to Rock - That's Why You Go Away (once again, for nostalgic reasons)
Favorite love song (sensual): Eric Gadd - Why Don't You, Why Don't I
Favorite love song (weird): Dr. Demento - Marvin I Love You
Favorite love story: the one hidden behind the violence of The Crow
Favorite Lovecraft story: The Music of Erich Zann

Favorite Macintosh model: Plus (runner-up: Spartacus)
Favorite magazine:
Larson! (runner-up: Nemi)
Favorite manga: Ranma 1/2
Favorite mathematical constant: i (not exactly a constant, but.)
Favorite mathematician: Pythagoras
Favorite mental disorder: Jerusalem syndrome
Favorite metal: melodic death
Favorite method of execution: guillotine
Favorite method of storytelling: musicals
Favorite method of holding hands: having now actually held hands with someone, it turns out that they're all my favorite.
Favorite misspelling of my last name: Brybking (runner-up: Blytung - and yep, we have 27 unique spelling variations in the family's collection of misadressed envelopes)
Favorite month: July (it kicks ass that my birthday is in July - I get to have my birthday parties during my favorite time of the year ^.^ )
Favorite movie: Pink Floyd The Wall (runner-up: Requiem for a Dream)
Favorite movie I have not seen: On the Beach (the one from 1959)
Favorite movie title: "Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2: In Shocking 2-D"
Favorite mp3 player: iPod (see "portable music player")
Favorite MUD: Achaea (
Favorite Mumin character: hattifnattarna (runner-up: Mårran)
Favorite music genre: classical (but I listen to mostly anything else, too)
Favorite music group: Pink Floyd
Favorite music group of the death metal genre: Arch Enemy
Favorite music group of the general metal genre: Rammstein
Favorite music group of the industrial genre: Nine Inch Nails
Favorite music group of the pop genre: ABBA
Favorite music group which has made a ton of albums and all of them sucked terribly except one, which was awesome: Lustans Lakejer (Åkersberga) (runner-up: Håkan Hellström (Känn ingen sorg...))
Favorite musical: tie: The Phantom of the Opera, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (runner-ups: many, many, Jesus Christ Superstar)
Favorite musical butchery of otherwise great music: Sarah Brightman in The Phantom of the Opera (I don't care if the music was specifically written to be sung by her; she managed to do a terrible job anyway)
Favorite musical piece: Beethoven, 7th symphony, 2nd movement
Favorite musician (exdlucing members of aforementioned groups): Thåström
Favorite Myth: The Fallen Lords level: The Five Champions
Favorite Nemi comic: "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline"
Favorite NES in-game music: Solstice
Favorite NES theme music: Metroid
Favorite Nethack character class: monk
Favorite Nethack monster: pending...
Favorite Nethack spell: stone to flesh
Favorite Nine Inch Nails album: The Fragile (Halo 14)
Favorite Nine Inch Nails song: We're In This Together
Favorite number: 2 (runner-up: 7)
Favorite nursery rhymes: the traditional ones from Sweden. So wonderfully melancholic, all of them. (I think I'm using "nursery rhyme" in a very broad sense)

Favorite Ocarina of Time soundtrack song: Gerudo Valley
Favorite operating system: Mac OS X (runner-up: System 6.0.7)
Favorite Oreo cookie: regular
Favorite OS-tan: pending...
Favorite overreaction: see "Favorite quote about myself".
Favorite oxymoron: Microsoft Works. (runner-up: war hero)

Favorite painter: Salvador Dali
Favorite Penny Arcade:
Favorite person stranded on the island (Gilligan's): The Professor
Favorite person stranded on the island (Lost): Locke
Favorite person whose fame is greatly out of proportion (to their disadvantage), relative to their accomplishments: Edward Craven Walker (he invented the lava lamp!!)
Favorite pet animal: cat
Favorite philosopher: Socrates
Favorite Pink Floyd album: The Division Bell
Favorite Pink Floyd song: Julia Dream (runner-up: everything)
Favorite planet: 5000 Quaoar (OK, it's actually not a planet, it's a trans-Neptunian object. So sue me.)
Favorite pirate: Mary Read
Favorite plot twist: Witness for the Prosecution
Favorite poet (Swedish): Kairn Boye
Favorite poetic prosody: finsk runometer (for some reason (gee, I can't imagine) it's called "Kalevala meter" in English)
Favorite portable music player: iPod (3G, runner-up: iPod Shuffle)
Favorite presidential candidate in 2004: Michael Badnarik
Favorite Prisoner: Julie Egbert
Favorite programming language: Objective-C (if I only understood it, too... =)
Favorite pun: "Du vet väl ingenting om opera? Du kan ju inte ens skilja på en aria och ett ytmått!" (Runner-up: "Homosexuella åt lejonen - 'smakade katt' säger Jonas Gardell till Skansens föreståndare")
Favorite punctuation mark: full stop (.)
Favorite purity test: The 1500 Point Unisex Purity Test (I'm about 90% 82% pure)
Favorite Python: Eric Idle
Favorite question: "Is this Furinkan high?"
Favorite quote (English): "Your argument is sound, nothing but sound" -Benjamin Franklin (runner-up: "[To me], physical intimacy is pretty much ... a matter of plumbing and lots of gushy stuff slapping together wetly and... [interrupted by laughter and "eww"s] " -Jennifer Diane Reitz)
Favorite quote (Swedish, but here quoted in English for reasons that make sense only to Mr Potato): "One wants to be loved; failing that, to be admired; failing that, to be feared; failing that, to be hated and despised."
Favorite quote about myself: "I somliga ögons "underfundiga" bröstvårtefrågor som genererar telefonsamtal från uppprörda människor går fetbort, själv tycker jag just den frågan passerade lågvattenmärket och hamnade långt ner i dyn i en kreosotförgiftad sjöbotten." -Anonymous MacNytt admin, regarding a "question of the day" I wrote. (The question was "Why do men have nipples?")
Favorite quote which shows that America is completely fucked up: Disclaimer in the beginning of an Anne Frank movie which wasn't even authorized by the relatives of Anne Frank, saying "This movie depicts life in the concentration camps in World War II, which means there are scenes of brief nudity." (Because that's the main thing about the concentration camps which could possibly be offensive to our American viewers, right?)

Favorite radio drama: "Tordyveln flyger i skymningen"
Favorite rain: light summer rain
Favorite recursive acronym: mung
Favorite RHPS song: Eddie's Teddy (runner-ups, in order of good: I'm Going Home, Superheroes, Sweet Transvestite, Wild and Untamed Thing, Dammit Janet, Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me)
Favorite robot: Marvin (of H2G2)
Favorite Robot Wars robot: Hypnodisc
Favorite romantic couple (fictional): Dharma & Greg
Favorite romantic moment in a webcomic:
This from Purple Pussy. (Seriously.)
Favorite sandwich ingredient: mustard mayonnaise
Favorite sauce (fish): simply a little butter in a liquid form will do. (We are talking about pike, I hope?)
Favorite sauce (macaroni): nothing beats regular ketchup.
Favorite sauce (spaghetti): that ham & moldy cheese stuff
Favorite sauce (steak): I think some kinda garlic dressing, actually
Favorite scene from Prisoner: Cell Block H: when Bea Smith is forced to leave without saying goodbye to Lizzie
Favorite scene from The Wall: animated: Goodbye Blue Sky - live action: Comfortably Numb
Favorite school massacre bullied kid: Brenda Spencer (I guess she wasn't actually bullied, but that's beside the point)
Favorite sci-fi show: LEXX
Favorite search engine: Google (But I'll have you know I was brainwashed into thinking so. And so were you. Seriously. I don't remember how I started using Google, and neither do you. If you think you do then you are a part of the conspiracy.)
Favorite serial killer: Erzsebet Bathory
Favorite Silent Hill: 2
Favorite Sippans Serie character: Bill & Bull
Favorite Sippans Serie comic:
Oh dear God my borsjtj! (Runner-up: A funnel!)
Favorite sitcom (American): Malcolm in the Middle (runner-ups: Dharma & Greg, Stark Raving Mad, That '70s Show)
Favorite sitcom (Swedish): Heja Björn (actually, this is the ONLY good Swedish sitcom. Incidentally, it's also the only Swedish sitcom which puts being funny above trying to imitate American sitcoms. I'm not saying there's a connection, but... there's a big fat connection.)
Favorite smell: coffee (too bad it doesn't taste as good as it smells, huh)
Favorite smiley (traditional): >:-/
Favorite smiley ("Japanese"): _/_ (. . )
Favorite smurf: Grouchy Smurf
Favorite snack: honey roasted almonds (That stuff is the shit!!! Runner-ups: those weird coated peanut things, popcorn)
Favorite soap opera theme music: Rederiet
Favorite song from The Party Party: Sunday Bloody Sunday (it's not just funny, it's REALLY GOOD too!)
Favorite song from The Wall: Comfortably Numb (runner-up: Hey You)
Favorite song of all time: I can't decide. Pink Floyd something.
Favorite sound (linguistics): [x]
Favorite sound (world): the wind (runner-up: breathing)
Favorite South Park episode: Scott Tenorman must die!
Favorite Spamusement comic: Das Vertikal Chocolatecake
Favorite state of mind: asleep
Favorite STD: "If air is blown strongly into the vagina of a pregnant woman, there is an extremely slight chance that an air bubble can enter the woman's circulatory system through the placenta and cause an embolism which could lead to death."
Favorite strategy game: Strategic Conquest (I'm an old school gamer)
Favorite sport: some form of martial arts
Favorite suicide method: jumping
Favorite suicide method in Nehack: Throwing a cockatrice corpse into the air over and over even though you're stoning resistant, until you've received so many blows to the head that you have no HP left. (You get bonus points in heaven if you did it by accident.)
Favorite Swede: Astrid Lindgren
Favorite Swedish personality: Jonas Gardell, and Jan Guillou (even though he's a homophobic weapon fetishist)
Favorite Tetris piece: Tatiyana
Favorite thing Americans should know, but don't: There are four syllables in Sebastian, dagnabbit
Favorite thing most people "just do" that I take extra pleasure in: lying down
Favorite time of year: summer, as long as it's cloudy (runner-ups: spring, autumn, and all the others except for winter)
Favorite Tintin album: Vol 714 pour Sydney
Favorite torture method: I find it disturbing that there was a time when I allowed myself to have a "favorite torture method".
Favorite tree: oak
Favorite TV cop: lieutenant Columbo!
Favorite TV miniseries: Rapport till Himlen
Favorite TV personality: Oprah Winfrey!
Favorite TV show: Prisoner: Cell Block H
Favorite TV show for kids: The Odyssey (at least it was when I was a kid - at least the first season, the ones where he was awake sucked. Runner-up: Trasdockorna)

Favorite unsolved mystery: the Voynich manuscript
Favorite urban legend: the Y2K bug

Favorite variable type: boolean
Favorite version of the
"Hungarian suicide song": Why, the Hungarian original! Covers suck =P
Favorite videogame: either of the first two Silent Hills (Halo doesn't count, it's also available for computers)
Favorite videogame music (Amiga): Cedric and the Lost Sceptre (runner-up: Troddlers)
Favorite videogame music (Mac): Myst 1 (yes, I do know that Mac games aren't technically videogames.)
Favorite videogame music (NES): see "Favorite NES music"
Favorite voice (female): that of Angela Gossow! Ha!
Favorite voice (male): Joakim Thåström (runner-up: Morrissey, and David Tibet/Michael (of Current 93))
Favorite vowel: tie: Y, A
Favorite W'rkncacnter misspelling: Wre┬┤kinkerkunter
Favorite waste: Björn Afzelius writing the most beautiful love song ever - and then dedicating it to an abstract concept instead of a person, making it impossible for anyone else to sing it to their loved one. (Not that that didn't stop everyone in the whole country from ignoring the last verse and singing it to their loved ones anyway. Do people even know that it's not a love song?)
Favorite weather: rainy and cloudy, and lots of thunderstorms
Favorite webcomic (ended):
Unicorn Jelly
Favorite webcomic (now running): Jack
Favorite Weebl and Bob episode: art
Favorite word (English): clash (pronunciation-wise)
Favorite word (German): kein (runner-up: Flugblatt, due to how it sounds when pronounced with a Swedish or English accent)
Favorite word (Swedish): ju (grammar-wise) / myling (pronunciation-wise)
Favorite X Files episode: Kill Switch

Favorite year: 1994
Favorite yoghurt flavor: mango-papaya

Favorite Zelda: Ocarina of TIme