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Got art?

As you can see from this comic, I'm an excellent artist. My previous projects include famous and important works such as "that easter chicken drawing in Värmdö Kommuns Skolors Matsedel Vårterminen 2005", and outrageously famous Mac OS X application icons such as the ones for Think Ahead X and Baasudei! There's just no stopping me! Now you can have my kick ass art in your company presentation or business card or application or book or whatever the heck it is that you're doing! Tell me what to draw, offer me a price, and since I am so poor I will most likely accept it! Mail me at immediately!

Or if you don't really need anything, I can draw a nice picture of you or something. Valentine's Day card for your significant other who is a huge Sippans Serie fan, perhaps. Killer picture to include in hate mail to Bill Gates. Anything. Just donate any amount to my PayPal account, and tell me what you want, you'll get it. I am poor.

Look at my jaw-droppingly gorgeous previous works of art!

* Chickens! Easter chickens!! (For a skolmatsedel) * A cat eating food!! (For use as an avatar by a friend) * An almost-abstract picture of autumn! (For another skolmatsedel)