Press quotes!

Well, of course I don't have any press quotes, because the "press" doesn't read Sippans Serie. But I at least have fan quotes, by random people who are completely and utterly unfamous. To make sure they stay unfamous (or maybe because I haven't asked their permission) I will not use their names or anything on this page. Maybe.

"It feels like my Comodore 64 without the fun!"

-The French on Aspirin III

"sippan: Jag vill slå alla sälar i huvudet med en klubba. Alla sälar utom du."

-That candy stuff

"Det här är skäl nog att förbjuda internet"

-see, referring to my podcast.

"jisses, sippan måste ju aldrig gära något annat än sörja folk"


"A dead junkie without fingers would write better jokes than you. I do not ever want to hear from you again, and stay away from all my friends as well. And whatever the fuck you do, don't ever, EVER, EVER create a comic of your own. Your ideas are pathetic, the poor quality of your drawings make me sick, and you radiate an aura of hopelessness which makes it painful for me to even write this to you for fear that I will somehow be infected by it. Maybe you should become a politician or a nonconformic priest."

- Jonas Darnell (True!! The original e-mail was unfortunately lost, so I am paraphrasing. For people not from Sweden: he's the guy who draws Herman Hedning.)

"I want somebody else, when I think about you I hurt myself, ooh I want someone else's comic, not yours, oh no, oh no, oh no"

- Die PVC.

"Sippan kanske är patetisk, men det är inget fel med att vara det!"

- Alexandra Dahlström (True!!)

"Så sjukt jävla skön"

- blink 182 may have said it.

"The swift lines in Sippan's drawings of pillows are clearly inspired by the art of Altdorfer and the geometry of ancient ilamic arts, a true work of beauty"

- and I didn't think you could tell!

"...god...dammit...just how do you spell the name of your stupid comic anyway?"

- ah, if I had a nickle for every time I heard that... (...I would almost have earned 1/10th of a chewing gum)

"I print out your comics every day and put them in my cereal"

- this certainly was not said by anyone called Brockway.

"Now I'm depressed"

- This may be taken out of context, but still - it's a quote, and who said quotes can't be taken out of context?

"it turned me into a newt."

- This came from a reliable source.

"A dose of Sippans Serie every day makes you immune to leprosy, AIDS and the common cold and guarantees you a place next to Ctulhu when the world ends! Sprutor säljes separat.."

- This is also from a reliable source.